Concrete panels connector and other services

Flexibility for precast constructions

Flexcomp is a company focused on developing flexible solutions for precast insulated panels such as innovative concrete panel connectors. It is an established firm, comprising of senior management with significant collective experience and expertise bringing about innovation and cutting edge technology in the world of precast insulated panels.

We are keen to become a significant brand in the field of precast technology. This will bring us to play globally with an open minded approach that reflects the company spirit. From a business point of view this is the challenging target that we are focused on and committed to reach.

Flexcomp seeks quality, takes on innovation and finds new solutions for precast insulated panels.

Thanks to our range of diverse and complementary competencies, we can offer a large spectrum of products and services such as Greenflex, the original patent flexible connection system for precast insulated panels; Flexware, the innovative software to optimize the technical design of precast insulated panels; Flexform, form liners for architectural concrete; Flexserv, a division composed by technical expertise for industrialization of precast insulated panels lines.